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Anyone else imagine Jim Caviezel stumbling upon their fanfiction? Anyone else imagining curiosity getting the best of him and he actually reads it?? Anyone else have a panic attack at the thought?



I can SO feel the prayer session he’d have on my behalf. 

He probably wouldn’t tell Taraji about it, right? But Michael, yes I can see that lol.  Like Sam and Dean discussing Slash. LOL

Lawd some of the sex scenes I’ve written with those two make me blush, so I can imagine him being mortified reading it……

I know he’d break out the prayer cloak for me.

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    Dear Jesus. Yes, you, the actual Jesus. Forgive me for tempting these souls with my utter sexiness. And Forgive them for...
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    hahahaha He will pray a lot, indeed :D:D:D:D …….Father in heaven forgive them because they don’t know what they are...
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    Please! I have nightmares made of this… @.@…
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    Blame inashke! My mind is pure and wholesome - I never think such things! (Yeah, gotta be careful with the kiddies when...
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    Seriously. Seriously? SERIOUSLY?! I’m reading this while my 2 year old innocently plays a few feet away from me. I feel...
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    I know right?!! lolol
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    OMG the prayer cloak! Pieces girl, yeah some of those sex scenes would probably send him into confession for just...
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    oh my … :P
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    Still not sorry! };D
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    oh my - I am imaginging beads of sweat running down Caviezel’s face - but is it wrong to want to lick it off ?
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